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Rosie Clayton

Being able to curate my Instagram feed has given me a wonderful creative outlet that has led to some incredible collaborations! I first got interested in photography after taking an introductory course on film photography and dark room techniques in high school. My passion was to travel the world and capture moments on camera.
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Lily Tjon

Hashtag by Lily is a fashion travel blog from Lily’s perspective. My friends encouraged me to start a blog and after I finished my Master Informations Science, I was ready for a new and different challenge. What do I have to…

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Jenny Plog

I have always loved fashion even before I knew what fashion was. As a child in Central America, I went to a small school where all of the children wore cute, white uniforms. I can still remember watching my mom…

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Dennis Van Peel

My name is Dennis and I’m a 90’s college kid. Menswear, that’s what it’s all about here. I like menswear, like Kanye loves Kanye. Enough said right? I try to combine casual outfits with streetwear. Small unique labels interest me…

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Sandra Kleine Staarman

Hi I’m Sandra! Never really growing up & variation are two important aspects in my life. On this blog you will find my fashion brabblings, style explosions and some trend influences. But mostly it will be style over fashion. Modern…

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Diane Coletta

Documenting my experience while living abroad in Paris was my “aha moment”.  With a little encouragement from my family and friends, Petite in Paris was born. My goal is to provide fashion insights not only for other petite women but everyone,…

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