My name is Dennis and I’m a 90’s college kid. Menswear, that’s what it’s all about here. I like menswear, like Kanye loves Kanye. Enough said right? I try to combine casual outfits with streetwear. Small unique labels interest me as much as the fast fashion brands. By doing this, I hope to inspire you and give a daily dose of creativity. My second love is food. Although I prefer to live healthy, I crave sugar and fastfood when I have a weak moment. Those everyday battles between abs and chocolate are known to everybody ( I guess?). But you know, a cheat meal every now and then didn’t kill anyone so far. I adore travelling and that’s where most of my money (except shoes) goes to. After studying 5 months in Mexico and travelling in South-America I practically became half Latino and started to drink tequilla as water. Wild times!

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