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Hi Amorcitos! So today I’m uploading a video that I wasn’t sure if I should upload because it’s bound to be controversial. You might think I’m picking on Gucci because this kind of thing has happened to me many times but believe me, this is all true and they are the ones picking on me for some reason. When I set out to make this video it was supposed to be one where me and my friend Lia picked out each other’s outfits from Gucci, but we never got to that since they kicked us out for basically doing nothing. I’ve already shown you my experiences with Gucci before, and some of you have said that I’m exaggerating or that you’ve gone to these stores and have had a wonderful experience and I’m really happy you have, really, no one should have to go through experiences like these but unfortunately it does happen and it has happened to me multiple times. I’ve tried giving Gucci the benefit of the doubt, I’ve bought MANY things from them and I always go in thinking that this time nothing bad’s gonna happen and, well, this is the result. I hope when you watch this video you see it as what it is, a paying customer getting rudely escorted out of a store while being accused of something she wasn’t doing.

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