Hashtag by Lily is a fashion travel blog from Lily’s perspective. My friends encouraged me to start a blog and after I finished my Master Informations Science, I was ready for a new and different challenge. What do I have to lose right?! After years of blogging I have collaborated with various awesome brands already, producing beautiful creative content focussing on “the experience” of a product or service. I Traveled over the world with press trip to Indonesia as one of the high lights. All thanks to this blog. I am super excited to share my journey and express my passion through this blog. It has brought me so much joy already, but how cool is it to inspire someone else with my articles? I can’t wait to work hard and see what adventures Hashtag by Lily will bring. So here we go, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step (or article ;))..

Description and pic from Website: http://www.hashtagbylily.com/

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