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Shirtless Or Almost…

Summer is officially almost here and we’ve started to see our coolest influencers getting shirtless or almost shirtless, or just in bathing suit (or have left it to our imagination).

So we’ve decided to show you who has posted those pictures these days of June.

Summer day ☀️

A post shared by Daniel Illescas (@danielillescas) on

Fire is a stern teacher, but what it teaches, everybody learns.

A post shared by Pietro Boselli (@pietroboselli) on

I like it here #curlsandbagsinfrance #bluazur #pool #travel

A post shared by Nathalie // Curls and Bags (@nathalievandenberg) on

When you had way too much but you don’t care ——- Cuando comiste demasiada pero no te importa

A post shared by Mariale Marrero (Mar) (@mariale) on

Thinking about having my hair long again this summer ⚡️What cha think ? ( hair by: @jumonae )

A post shared by Christina Caradona (@troprouge) on

Pool days ✌ #curlsandbagsinfrance #bikini #pool #bluazur

A post shared by Nathalie // Curls and Bags (@nathalievandenberg) on

@bryant @alexisren

A post shared by Cameron Dallas (@camerondallas) on

Someone said swimming pool? btw, relaxing is an important element during finals

A post shared by DENNIS (@dennisvanpeel) on

Black sand @gerrysttropez

A post shared by JOAN PALÀ (@joanpala) on

Ruffles and fresh lemonade for a day at the beach!

A post shared by BRITTANY XAVIER (@thriftsandthreads) on

Good morning from cutie #Luxembourg We re lucky for the weather today! ☀️

A post shared by Koray Cengiz (@cowcaddens) on

Shaking it for all 1 MILLION of you today Thank you for joining me on this crazy ride! Love you all!

A post shared by R O C K Y (@rocky_barnes) on

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